the monday brew..thanksgiving edition!

Hey gals!  We took a short hiatus last week, but we are back this week with a full list of favorites to get this short holiday week started! Oh mah gursh…December is next week…NEXT WEEK.

I seriously missed you!  I hope you enjoy this list of favs!…now, excuse me while I attend to my food coma for the next five days.

  1. favorite inspiration.  It is Thanksgiving, so you know the drill…I mean, tradition.  Time to do the hard and important work of contemplating what we are all grateful for.  In a world that can be sometimes (or a lot of times) scary and overwhelming, gratitude is essential. 9780310321910_01Our church just recently started a ministry for moms, and our first event revolved around gratitude.  We talked about Ann Voskamp’s writings on gratitude, and her argument that gratitude is directly linked to the level of joy in our lives.  This is called lifestyle gratitude.  I’ve provided the link to one of her talks, which I find quite inspiring and well supported.  Throughout the next two months, my husband and I have committed to naming our gratitude each day to one another…just three things.  Today, I’m grateful for…1. coffee; 2. my mom; 3. podcasts…hah!
  2. favorite funny.  I’m adding something else to my gratitude list.  This little British baby, 386e978a00000578-3792642-image-a-25_1474024463972Noel, naming dinosaurs will melt your heart out your chest.  Enjoy.
  3. favorite recipe.  I made two trips to the store to make sure I had the right kind of cheese for this brusselssproutsgratin-550x804side dish, but we are planning on bringing Brussel Sprouts Gratin from SkinnyTaste to our family’s Thanksgiving celebration Thursday.  I hope they make the 3 hour trip…I’ll confess, I alone am their greatest threat.
  4. favorite holiday craft.  For the last three years, I have decorated the house the day after Thanksgiving, and my favorite way to decorate is to wrap all the pictures and paintings on our walls in Christmas wrapping paper.  dsc_9315It makes it look like presents are hanging all around, and people always love it!  My mom and my sisters have picked it up as well!  Here’s a link with helpful suggestions on how-to :).
  5. favorite food find. Y’all, I’ve tried to expalmondmilkeggnog2ress my love of eggnog, but I have a hard time getting on board with it because, well, it’s not the best choice health-wise.  This almond eggnog from Califia Farms is pretty delicious, and with only 50 cals per half cup, it definitely has a spot in our holiday line-up this season.  Try it!!!

Have the best Thanksgiving!…enjoy it, and enjoy this extra favorite video from the Holderness Family who have summed up my feelings this week exactly.


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