the monday brew, gal

The Monday Brew

Happy Monday…the weekend already seems like a distant memory, but it was most definitely a rich one. We spent most of the weekend with friends, made a trip to our farmers’ market (it’s Muscadine grape time!), hit the local quarry, and then had family come into town for Sunday. It was delightful. I will not, however, give into the urge to elaborate on what feelings arose when my husband, Tyagan, sat through the entire Sunday service holding our new 3 month old nephew. I’m sorry, is someone cutting onions in here? No…it’s just me, okay, great.

I hope your weekend was amazing! And to help us settle back into the grind, here’s your Monday brew…a few fun things that have caught my eye this wjessica-daily-affirmation-previeweek.

  1. favorite inspiration:  if I could choose but one video to be forced to watch on a loop for all of eternity, I think, no, I know, I’d choose this one.  Jessica is my hero, and I long to be her when I grow up.  I hope to love inanimate objects as much as she does: my hair, haircuts, my whole house, and, of course, my Allisons.  Get it, gal.
  2. favorite food find:  the feeling is all in the name, gal.  Oh Yeah img_1147-2Birthday Cake Protein Bars.  img_1147img_1147These treats make me feel like everyday I consume them is literally my birthday (which, for the record, I would most definitely be fine with).  It’s like an entire birthday party in your mouth.  Please and thank you, I will eat 1,000 immediately.
  3. favorite recipe:  y’all, this Pumpkin Banana Pecan Bread from looks insanely delicious! I am committed to willing autumn into full gear with my shear determination to begin stocking up canned pumpkin like the threat of nuclear war is on the horizon and the bartering system will be solely based/built upon the value of fall squash.img_1147
  4. favorite getaway: Seattle…we spent a week there last October, and loved it so much that the hubs and I are planning to attend a marriage retreat again for our andsc_0009niversary, and I cannot wait.  I love the weather, the coffee, the food, the coffee, the sites, the coffee, the family we get to see, the coffee.  Oh, did I mention the coffee?
  5. favorite read: I am currently rereading Parker Palmer’s Let Your Life Speak.  I received the book as a gift about six years ago and read it shortly after, but I have found myself wanting to reread it once again as I continue to discern (like we do) my vocation, but even more as I work and speak with others about their own call and vocation.
  6. favorite funny: I’ve been rewatching the Mindy Project, and I recently watched this episode again…it’s too real, gals.  It is too real.  Mindy, you are my true soul sister.200_s

Before I go gals, a sad update, the dress was a total flop.  The idea was so right, but the puffy hip shape was so, so wrong.  Back to its home it goes.  There will be others…let us not fret.

Have an amazing week!!! and feel free to connect via facebookinstagramtwitter, or pinterest.

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