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Good morning, gals!  I missed you!  We took a short hiatus last week while we headed out on a much needed anniversary vacation.

We popped over to the west coast for a short 4 day trip where my husbandimg_1543 and I attended a marriage conference in Seattle (but mostly got to visit our cousins, eat yogurt, and watch Ghostbusters on repeat). And then we flew back like jet-setters, and met up with some of our couple friends for a few days at the beach.  Despite the recent storms and post-summer light house closings (sad face), we had an incredible time.  Returning from my food induced vacation coma made for a rude awakening at the gym this AM, but I couldn’t be happier to be back to the rhythms of home (even though I’m missing my gals, waffles, scary movies, endless youtube videos, boardgames, and laughing so hard I think I might break a rib like crazy).  Until next time…you beautiful, beautiful creatures.

So to help us all recover from the weekend, here are a list of favorites to get your week started.

  1. image1-2favorite read.  A wonderful, sweet congregation member gifted me a copy of Oswald Chamber’s My Utmost for His Highest. It’s a (physically tiny) devotional that covers the entire year.  This gift is Spirit inspired because right now in my life, I need something to give me focus in the morning…to breathe life into my day.  I am humbled and grateful for such a thoughtful expression of love. (ahh…all the feelings)
  2. favorite discovery.  Alright, here at healthypastorgal, we are all about balance.  We are also in the business of being hilarious, and holy guacamole, I may be the last person on this bandwagon, but I’m image2just glad to be riding.  This week, we played (more than once because I begged) UTTER NONSENSE.  A game designed for the mature (that borders on inappropriate but can be filtered at your personal discretion) that will make you cry with laughter.  All the players receive lines of dialogue, and one person picks an accent card, each player delivers his/her dialogue card in the accent, and the “go-er” chooses his/her favorite one.  Now that I have heard my husband’s interpretation of a “child-birth” accent, I can never go back to a time before.  Seriously, play this game…you will not regret it.  Just order it right now.
  3. favorite vacation indulgence.  So my husband asked me to list what I was looking forward to the most in Seattle.  I won’t disclose everything, but I will say that the following may have been in the top two: Ellenos Greek Yogurt.  I cannot adequately describe in words how delicious image1-3this yogurt is, and how addicted you will become once you try it.  I will also tell you with confidence based upon experience that if you freeze it and then take it through airport security, the TSA agent will examine your bag, pull out your pint of yogurt, give you a glare and then smile, saying, “great job–you froze it…onward.” The relief experienced being able to bring this back (even though it will only last as long as yogurt last) is the best souvenir I’ve ever brought home.fullsizerender-6
  4. Favorite fall find (yet to be tried).  For the last two weeks my youngest sister and I have been desperately trying to secure one of these Oh Yeah, Pumpkin Pie bar.  We have checked every store that might carry them (we just need one bar to try) to no avail, but I may have to splurge and just buy the whole box. Any way I can healthily convince myself to indulge in some of that fall pumpkin goodness, I will.  I promise you, I will.
  5. favorite inspiration. With all that’s going on in our world and country, we all need a little, no, we all need A LOT of inspiration.  I have been following the one and only, Kid President, for some time now.  His videos and tweets are unmatched in their ability to make you feel hopeful about, not only our world, but about the part you play in it.  Here is a link to my personal favorite, I agree with Kid President, you are awesome, and you probably need a pep talk this morning. So watch this.tumblr_m7ro86ljbi1rav3clo1_1280

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