the monday brew, gal

Hallelujah, hallelujah!  Good morning, gals!

It is finally October…sigh…which I standby as the sole reason we all choose to stay and live the rest of the 11 months in North Carolina.  The weather this weekend was perfect, and we celebrated birthdays, game nights, and World Communion Sunday–a successful weekend, indeed.

Here is your list of favorite finds to get the week going!

  1. favorite freakout.  You remember when I told you all how obsessed my husband and I (and now all our friends) are with Halo Top Ice Cream.  We try to limit ourselves to a pint a night between the two of us (because this is what happens when you love ice cream, wellness, and, well, television).  Well, 1-image-1hold on to your seats because HALO TOP is ANNOUNCING 10 NEW FLAVORS!!!!!! We’ve got a glimpse of pistachio, black cherry, and oatmeal cookie so far…The flavors are slowly being revealed, and they will hit stores on 10/10.  This is perfect as our anniversary is the 11th, and I’ve decided to buy them all for a taste test if we can find them to celebrate!  Did I mention, I cannot wait.  Follow them on instagram to see the new flavors revealed each day 😉
  2. favorite fall premier.  I have no less than 4 shirts with Mindy Kaling quotes on them thanks to my Etsy proficient husband, and this week The Mindy Project returns for it’s 5th season, an10410302_769232660655_8012965202463831368_nd that means it’s time for our annual Mindy Premier Party this Tuesday, complete with Photo Booth, sour straws, and prayers that Pastor Casey returns to both the show and the pulpit (a girl can dream, right?)…
  3. favorite food find.  If loving brunch is wrong then I don’t ever want to be right.  I know every millennial loves brunch, and I don’t blame us.  Sleeping in and still eating pancakes is the best idea anyone ever came up with, and I refuse to quit.  This protein pancake mix from Birch Benders is amazing.  We add 1/4 c. of pumpkin puree to each 1/2 c. 2060176_setserving while mixing, and it is perfection!
  4. favorite inspiration.  One of my best friends, who also happens to be a pastor and an improvisor–I don’t really have a type (hah…) recommensof_onbeingded that I start listening to the podcast, On Being, and this past week Parker Palmer and Courtney Martin come together for a cross-generational convo on rebellion, burn out, and social justice.  We all need to hear their reflections on our addiction to effectiveness.
  5. favorite practice (finally).  One of my favorite practices of integration (aka killing 2 birds with one stone) is walking.   As a pastor, I meet with people everyday, so I try to convince as many as possible (since it has cooled down outside) to walk with me instead of going to a coffee shop or restaurant.  It’s such a gift to be outside in nature and to combine both my passion for wellness and ministry.  Our lives don’t have to be compartmentalized.  Shifting and implementing simple practices can have profound effects on our relationships and our mindsets.
  6. favorite fun-ny.  To leave you with something fun to get your week started.  Watch and listen as 3 year old Mateo attempts to convince Linda for cupcakes.  I feel you, Mateo; I feel you.7df6c742bbc3ed4bba3b79b317c4aa56

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