the monday brew, gal

happy Monday, gals!

It’s been quite a week over in our neck of the woods.  A busy week followed by a busier weekend and strangely, I am actually glad it’s Monday.  I know, I know.

Well, here’s my favorite part of starting the week, a roundup of fun finds!

  1. favorite food find.  So healthypastorgal will be posting an entire ode to one of my personal superfoods this week, so I thought I’d feature it to give you some time to track it down and stock up, so cauliflowerriceyou are ready to roll when we post a gazillion things to do with (drummmmrooolllll) CAULIFLOWER RICE.  This stuff is literally chopped gold in a bag.  I find the best price/quality is at Trader Joe’s because it’s frozen (and, therefore, won’t go bad in three days).  You can find it several places already chopped into a rice type texture.  This stuff really is a staple in our diet (we may or may not have 14 packs in the fridge right now).  We do.  We definitely do.
  2.  favorite finally.  Yes! It is my favorite season–apple picking season! We cail_570xn-999658364_k0xun at last take some time to drive to the mountains and grab a bushel or two of apples! Early fujis, galas, and honeycrisp, oh how I heart you.  The kettle corn may also be an incentive to drive 3-4 hours on a Saturday :).   But seriously, isn’t this print off etsy literally the cutest?
  3. favorite fall indulgence.  I can’t help it; I love television.  I mean, I am impressed I can even muster the energy to collect enough favorites each week with the lure of Netflix constantly calling my name.  How does it know that I love, “comedic, romantic musicals with a strong female lead?” This Wednesday my guiltiest pleasure returns, Younger, starring Sutton Foster (but, alas, she doesn’t sing) and Hillary Duff.  It is ridiculous, and you will love it.  Watch it.  In fact, just come over, and we can watch it together.  It is 22 minutes of fun once a week on the TV Land network.  Yea, exactly, totally random.200_s-2
  4. favorite funny.  Anything that comes out of Mindy Kaling’s mouth is a favorite funny to me, but this week, I am holding on to this gem of a gif. This accurately describes my mid-morning/afternoon prayer several days a week. donut1
  5.  favorite inspiration.  Yesterday I preached a sermn on “life that is really life.” We looked at how our obsession with money and success robs us of true joy and contentment, and while 80% of millennials (don’t worry-I am one of those) believe money will bring them happiness and 50% believe that fame will bring them happiness, the reality, according to “The Harvard Study for Adult Development,” says, “e850cb00471e6dc1172e2fdd29933bc003d969e8_2880x1620Nope, not at all.”  The study actually suggests that healthy, fulfilling relationships are the biggest cause and indicator of a truly happy life.  The Ted Talk that presents this research is only 10 minutes, and it is incredibly poignant and helpful.  I loved the history, the science, and the advice from it.  Watch it, you will leave inspired.

I hope your week is amazing…like you!  Check out our post on “ALL THINGS CAULIFLOWER RICE” later this week.

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