the monday brew, gal

Good morning gals!

After a fun festival weekend filled with scooter rides and snow cones, we topped it off with a trip to Target where I gave into the autumn draw and maybe bought all things pumpkin? Okay, I definitely did: cereal, iced coffee, protein bars…you know, the usual.

While I’m turning orange this week, here’s my weekly round up…I LOVE EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST even more than pumpkin flavored anything.

  1. favorite funny.  Toddlerography w/ James Corden. OMG-this is beyond hilarious.  I challenge all humans who care for toddlers to just let this scene unfold for yourselves when you have a free moment; you won’t even need to go to the gym.  Great, see, I’ve just giv1280_jason_derulo_james_corden_toddlerography_late_late_show_landscapeimageen you all a new workout routine for this week.  Consider that two favorites 😉 best line, “that’s just as bad as you said” -Jason Derulo.  Okay, now I’ve spent the last fifteen minutes rewatching all of these on accident because I wanted to tell you about them.  Hah.  Really, just watch them.
  2. favorite food find.  Y’all for real.  I love oatmeal, and not just because it’s bland in its natural state, and, thereforeimg_1204-2, must somehow be nutritious.  I genuinely like it, and initially, it gives me the illusion that I’ve eaten actual food, but an hour later it is as if somehow the oatmeal in my stomach has managed to eat all the other food I’ve ever consumed, and I am ravenous.  So, on my recent excursion to Target, I spotted these oatmeal packets from ThinkThin.  The flavor, Madagascar Vanilla with Pecans and Almonds should be fancy enough to make you want to try it, but I am telling you-I’M IMPRESSED.  The oatmeal packs serious protein (10g) and fiber (5g), and I wasn’t like a bear coming out of hibernation hungry after an hour. Must try, seriously.14310430_1190159537733949_1839339390188454525_o
  3. favorite fall accessory.  I just ordered this scarf from Third Bird Nest.  So cute. Have I mentioned I’m ready for fall yet?
  4. favorite inspiration.  Well, it is my mom’s birthday this week, and she’s pretty much 11143144_721507447365_8328109026156529318_nmy life’s inspiration, so you take the cake this week, mom.  She’s the kindest, most selfless human I know.  And I pray everyday that God gifts me with her patience and capacity for loving people no matter what.  This gal has supported and loved me through this journey like no one else.  Thank you for teaching me how to love and serve God, and how to love learning, laughing, storytelling, and, well, perhaps the most important, popcorn for dinner.  Thanks for making me who I am.  I love you, you beautiful, wonderful nugget.

that’s what we got this week…let’s make it a great one.

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