the monday brew…a day late ;)

Hello my lovely, beautiful gals!  Between Advent beginnings (that seems redundant), familial logistics, and you know, the usual, I present to you my list of favs for this week…a day late.   I know it’s terrible that already we find ourselves swamped by the rush of the holiday time warp…I mean bliss, the holiday bliss.


We did manage to get our tree up AND DECORATED.  There is nothing sadder than a naked tree sitting in your living room, calling out, “I’m lonely and naked…help me, please help me.” Shhhh tree…shhhh.  Now that the tree is quiet, let me continue.  Here are some of the things we’ve been enjoying lately, and some of the things we are so excited about we could burst.

  1. favorite future. HAIRSPRAY! HAIRSPRAY!  Y’all, I am seriously ridiculously so excited about this.  I haven’t really jumped on board with any of the other lives performances they’ve broadcasted on television in the last few years, but this is differ2016-1024-hairspraylive-aboutimage-1920x1080-koent for many reasons.  Well mainly, one reason: Kristin Chenoweth.  She is my spirit animal, and I love her.  I also love every song from this show, and if Link ever showed up at my door…Here is the most recent promo–this is happening, Wednesday, Dec. 7th.  We may just have a viewing party instead of Wednesday service.  That’s holy, right?
  2. favorite indulgence. Hula Hoops.  Okay, so I am slightly obsessed with Ireland after living there for a summer in seminary, and so I get an overwhelming hankering for my favorite img_3454Irish treats every now and then.  Recently, a friend from England was in town, and we couldn’t stop talking about Hula Hoops!  The most delicious crisp, I mean chip, you will ever eat.  You can order them on Amazon, and so, of course, I did.  I’m just glad we’ve eaten the whole bag, so they are no longer calling my name.
  3. favorite inspiration. As we make our way toward Bethlehem this Advent season, it is so hard to slow down enough to recognize the breadth of where we are going and what we are celephotoadaywordsrtwebpagebrating.  This season of the church year is remarkable because it teaches us how to live in the waiting, waiting for all things to be made new, but it calls us to see the already…that all things are already being made new.  So, I thought this year, we’d join the “Advent photo a day challenge” to pause just a wee bit more.  Today is “thankful.”  And I am truly thankful for the opportunity to share a little bit of my story with you all here.  It has been quite life giving, so thank you. #thankful
  4. favorite quick-fix meal.  Yesterday, I needed a bit of img_1722time to recover from the holiday crazy and regroup, so I worked from home on church stuff.  AND I made this delicious pureed vegetable soup.  Sidetone: my obsession with pureed soup can also be linked to my time in Ireland.  Here is the link to the recipe on the blog.
  5. favorite funny.  Full disclosure: this is how I will feel from now until647459ead3ecc9b4f2ab7cc05b5a3a41 January 1st.  Please simply remove “chicken nuggets” and insert “Christmas treats.”
  6. favorite holiday find.  So what if I’ve gone through 3 boxes since the middle of November, and so what if I have 3 more in my freezer.  These Thinkthin Dark Chocolate Peppermint Protein and Fiber bars are seriously delicious, and they make me feel like I’m indulging in all the holiday flavors for pretty reasonable nutritional st0d39b985acd3f4c6d5b0f2e2342607d1ats.  I’ve stalked these things on Amazon for years around Christmas, but this year-TARGET has them.  Eat on, my gal pals, eat on.  Also, their marketing is adorable…how cute are these…

Well, gals, let’s do this.  Happy Advent! Love you, mean it.

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