monday brew, birthday edition!

Good morning, Baltimore…I mean, everyone, well…you know what I mean.  I’ve had Hairspray on my brain since Wednesday…I just can’t stop the beat.  Boom.

As we enter this third week of Advent and celebrate Joy, I am reminded by so many people and experiences that joy is something that we seek to know intimately well despite our circumstances.  It can sometimes feel elusive in a world full of constant curveballs, but there are moments to find, stillness to know, kindness to share that I believe can and will bring us closer to knowing joy.  Hopefully this week’s brew can bring a little joy to your day over a cup of joy, I mean JOE.

This is totally an unrelated Advent miracle, but tomorrow is my official 3-0TH birthday, so I decided to do a little birthday list this week to celebrate!

  1. favorite birthday treat.  Discovered by accident years ago in California, this deliciousness has been a staple for every birthday since.  It combines my two great loves…the nectar of the divine as I prefer to call it.  Yep, that’s right…CUPCAKE
    Popcorn.  It’s as if your birthday and popcorn decided to make all your dreams come true.  It’s everything it sounds like, and you will not stop until you have consumed the last star shaped sprinkle left in the bottom of the cone.  You won’t remember how it happened, but it will.  You can be sure.
  2. favorite birthday tradition.  Y’all this is hilariously ridiculous, and NERD ALERT, but every year on my birthday my mother has made us observe Saint Lucia (Saint Lucy) day.  This saint related tradition is celebrated throughout Scandinavia.  The oldest daughter in each family wakes up on December 13th and serves everyone breakfast.  The kicker is, however, she wears a crown of candles, a white dress, and a red sash.  My mom made me perform this tradition for numerous elementary school classrooms throughout my childhood.  Can you tell now how this Protestant girl forced to celebrate/share her birthday with St. Lucia every year grew up to be a pastor? Exactly.  My mother drove 4 hours on Saturday to celebrate my birthday and the first thing she pulled from her bag was the head wreath.  Can I not escape it-hah?  Such a sweet celebration, and, in truth, I love it.
  3. favorite birthday memory.  I have to say this year takes the cake (pun intended!).  An amazing surprise day spent with the people I love most and eating the food I love most: TACOS. I know, I’m basic.  but my mom came. oh yea, I’m basic.  but I went to Starbucks and Target before the party.  Right, basic.  But there were chilled bottles of wine…basic.  Okay, okay, okay. I get it.  We played Christmas carols.  I’ll stop. Thanks to the husband of the year for crushing it.  You so beardiful.
  4. favorite birthday serenade.  At least two siblings typically sing some version of this serenade on each of our birthdays.  It’s more a birthday song to me than “Happy Birthday.” Thanks to Bart Simpson.  You’re actually a great big brother.
  5. favorite birthday indulgences.  So there are no calories on your birthday.  My dad said this, so it is true. Things I typically don’t eat/do, but I will enjoy tomorrow.  Don’t Judge, I’m ridiculous.  1. Cracklin Oat Bran (yes, the cereal).  2. Cheez-its. 3. Cheese dip. 4. TORTILLA CHIPS. 5. An eggnog latte. 6. Watching 7-8 hours of the Mindy Project. 7. No pants. 8. the Movies & popcorn (I will wear pants). 9. Baked Sour Cream & Cheddar Ruffles. I can do this.  I won’t get full. 11. Skittles. 12. A peppermint chocolate brownie cake pop.  Okay, I’m getting nervous.  I’m up for the challenge.  I wish I could list 30 things I’d eat! HAH!  I am guaranteed to have a terrible stomach ache…but as Liz Lemon would say, “it was worth it.Next week or actually Wednesday-hah!, it’s back to that healthypastorgal grind…feel free to connect via facebookinstagramtwitter, or pinterest.

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