It’s monday and something is brewing…

Happy All-Hallows Eve!!  I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful celebration today…please post all your costume wonderment…it’s the best!  I can already sense the holiday buzz is building, and I AM NOT READY.  Well, I am ready for eggnog lattes (shhh…I’ve spoken too soon), and I won’t lie, I’ve got to start warming up my “lightening up” Thanksgiving side dish skills.
This Monday, however, I’ve brewed up a Halloween list of favorites! Enjoy 🙂starbucks_baby

  1. favorite Halloween costume (for the babies). Is there anything else that needs to accompany this adorableness?  Sorry future children, this may be your Halloween costume every year…your father will be a donut, and I will go as an empty wallet.  I love you.  Please forgive me in advance. 
  2. favorite Halloween treat. These keep popping up in my twitter and instagram feeds, and will be a must when we finally live in a neighborhood with enough kids to warrant 819f81050b17ed79a0d06ebf0f0a5f17buying candy.  Until then, there is a guarantee that I will have 10 slowly dwindling pounds of delicious chocolate sitting in the cupboard tempting me until Valentine’s Day.  These are adorable.
  3. favorite inspiration.  I look forward to Halloween each and every year.  Not because of the trick or treating, but because it is an opportunity to attend an All-Hallows Eve service.  This worship service celebrates the church’s saints (those recently departed and those who’ve been celebrated throughout history).  Many churches hold these, some late in the evening and by candlelight, and I find it to be such a beautiful way to honor those who have come before us.  Wear your costume, it’ll be great.  In case you can’t find a service near you, I highly recommend live streaming Duke University’s service.  It is by candlelight only, and it is absolutely beautiful.
  4. favorite Halloween funny.  Y’all I wait all year for these.  They are awful, but you won’t maxresdefaultstop laughing.  Jimmy Kimmel puts together a youtube compilation of parents telling their kids they have eaten their Halloween candy.  The children react appropriately, and it. is. priceless. Watch them all, and watch this year’s.  Amazing.
  5. favorite Halloween throwback.  Ah, It’s the Great image1Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  Linus and Sally made their peace that year.  Don’t worry, he loved it.

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