How to go to the gym and hate it less? P.S. best friends are included.

TweetLet’s face it gals, we are busy.  We’ve got a lot going on from working a full day to chauffeuring tiny humans to every after school activity that humanity can name (not to mention feeding them).  I know our time is precious, so any time I can integrate aspects of my life, I’m game.  So… Continue reading How to go to the gym and hate it less? P.S. best friends are included.

it’s monday, gal

Hey gal, it’s Monday, but at least it’s a holiday, right?  Okay, I’ll stop.

Mondays are rough, so here’s a fun “round up list” to get our week started.  If you are anything like me, Monday is my recovery day–mentally, spiritually, and physically.  It’s also my, let’s set the tone for the rest of the week day, so off to the gym, grocery store, and one thousand emails we go (but only after I’ve sat in my PJs to drink my coffee).

here are some of my favorite things this week…

  1. favorite funny.  This video is everything. It is the perfect combination of wgirl647_083016100628hat I hope to accomplish on Sundays, and the lack of shame I hope to instill in every single child I ever encounter.  The entire video is worth the “W” alone.
  2. favorite recipe.  It’s finally (well, maybe just a teeny tiny bit) starting to turn the corner toward fall.  You know, the collective reason we all complain through the 3 other seasons, and autumn time for this family means spaghetti squash time.  This week we purchased our first of the season (which I prefer to say with a French accent because it’s fancier).  To celebrate, I’m whipping up this beautiful buffalo chicken version of my favorite fall food!  I swapped out the ranch for reduced fat and used Plain Oikos Triple Zero yogurt…SO GOOD.  We are also pretty mild over here, so no jalapeños.
  3. favorite inspiration.  Mother Teresa canonized as a saint just yesterday. Wow.  I remember reading her biography during my non-fiction obsession in fourth grade.  When she passed away just a week after Princess Diana in 1997, I remember being so sad that this beautiful nun, who instructed others to “do small things with great love,” was gone.  I knew exactly who she was, but I kept having to ask why my mom who exactly Princess Diana was?  I suppose I was a strange fourth grader.
  4. favorite food find.  Y’all it’s not over.  It’ll never be over.  I kid you not, I have stashed 13754403_794044816895_7654523252371258284_npints of this frozen perfection in two of my girlfriends fridges in the last two weeks.  Birthday Cake is without a doubt my favorite, but chocolate is very close second.  Halo Top, to quote Flight of the Concords, “you got it going on.”
  5. favorite outfit. I just ordered this dress from Target.  Perhaps blending the patterns is a risk, but I like to live on the wild side.  Fingers crossed, it fits!

Hope y’all have a fabulous Labor Day!

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