about me

Hi, I’m Kori.

Pastor by day, health blogger and improviser by night.Untitled design

Twelve years ago, I was a hundred pounds overweight. I began a health journey that year, eventually losing 100lbs and keeping it off for the last 5 years. The changes I made in my life to lose the weight have now, in many ways, become second nature, but I still struggle to maintain balance. As I’ve watched my family, friends, colleagues, and parishioners struggle with maintaining a healthy perspective in so many areas of life, I felt led to create a platform to encourage/entertain young women who seek to find a balance between health and sanity.

While I probably still have more questions than answers, it is my sincere hope that this website provides some support, advice, and a lot of laughter as we journey together toward health and wellness.

Please know that here at healthypastorgal.com:

health isn’t a number.

faith isn’t a checklist.

and laughter is mandatory.

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