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Good morning, ladies!

I hope your weekend was exactly what you needed…our’s was pretty enjoyable with 50 degree weather in January and a random dinner date with both sets of parents, which ended at Dunkin Donuts and featured way too many munchkins (moderation?)  We revert back to children immediately, am I right?

That was an exceptional treat, but I thought it might be fun to share with you what a typical day of food looks like for me.  I’ve been tracking/journaling for as long as I can remember (over ten years), and occassionally in an old box my husband will find a small notebook only to open it and see tedious lists of food with descending point values next to them.  He always ask, “do you really want to keep this?” and I think to myself, “what will the aliens who discover them think most people cared about in this world?…so yes, let’s keep it.  I want them to find it.  I want them to know how much I loved food.”

At this point in life, I have been testing out tracking macros (protein/fat/carbs), but I will always be influenced by and conscious of food variety because of my weightwatcher days…

The stats may seem overwhelming, but DO NOT FRET, myfitnesspal does most of the tracking for you.  I didn’t, however, want to list a bunch of food, and not give you the nutritional stats for them.



  • Wake up at 6:10am
  • 16 oz of coffee with 2 T. of CoffeeMate Creamer (I gotta–it keeps me sane): 70 cal; 3 f; 10 c; 0 p
  • Post workout Protein Shake, 8am (I use banana flavored myprotein): 100 cal; 1.8 f; 3 c; 20 p
  • Banana Oikos, Triple Zero Yogurt: 120 cal; 0 f; 15 c; 15 p
  • 1/2 c. of egg whites: 60 cal; 0 f; 2 c; 12 p

Afternoon/Lunch (usually leftovers):

  • 2 c. spaghetti squash: 63 cal; 0 f; 15 c; .9 p
  • 1/2 c. plain Hunt’s tomato sauce: 40 cal; 0 f; 8 c; 2 p
  • 1 mini La Tortilla Wrap (low carb/high fiber): 50 cal; 2 f; 10 c; 5 p
  • 4 oz. HealthyOnes Roast Beef (deli meat): 120 cal; 2 f; 2 c; 22 p
  • Late afternoon snack:
  • Quest Waffle Protein Bar: 110 cal; 4.5 f; 17 c; 12 p
  • 12 oz. almond milk latte (from Starbucks); 80 cal; 5 f; 7 c; 2 p


  • Chicken Fajita Bowl (seasonings to taste)
  • 6 oz. Target Brand chicken breast: 180 cal; 3 f; 0 c; 37.5 p
  • 1/3 package of Trader Joes Cauliflower Rice: 30 cal; 0 f; 5 c; 2 p
  • 1/2 cup Frozen Bell Peppers: 30 cal; 0 f; 6 c; 0 p
  • a few avocado chunks-1 oz
  •  fat free feta, 1 oz: 35 cal; 0 f; 1 c; 7 p
  • 2 cups romaine (I pour the chicken bowl over the lettuce): 16 cal; 0 f; 2 c; 2 p


  • 1 cup birthday cake flavored HaloTop: 140 cal; 4 f; 20 c; 12 p


1,291 calories, 126 carbs, 30 (grams of fat); 151 (grams of protein)

Hey, if it fits your macros :))
I always try to make room for ice cream, but I make sure it fits within my prescribed macros because I am a human and have serious needs-hah 🙂  This is just what a day in myfitnesspal looks like for me.  Hope it helps! Remember, you can do this.

  • for the day, I’ll add LOTS OF WATER (at least 100 oz)…I fill this bad boy up between 5-6 times a day.

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